2018 – A 6 month recap

Welcome to the end of June – WTF?! How has this happened already. Over half way through the year and I haven’t really stopped to think about what this year has brought me.

A new job
This year has brought one of the single most life and attitude changing decisions I think I’ve ever made. In my previous job, I felt stretched, stressed and under pressure. Sometimes I think this can be a good feeling, if you love what you do – I did not.

Changing jobs, I still occasionally feel stressed, stretched and under pressure, but now I am excited for what will come out of the other end of that feeling. There is some great sense of accomplishment that comes with enjoying what you do. 2018 has brought me a job that I enjoy, and I am grateful for that.

New perspectives
During first half of 2018 I have reached out to different individuals that have taken a less travelled path in life. Not to ridicule or judge, but out of sheer curiosity and amazement. Both of these experiences gave me new found perspectives on religion and on health and fitness.

I think it’s good for the soul to ask questions about things you don’t know much about, or want to know more about. You would be surprised how willing people are to share about things they are passionate about.

Read about Natalie turning to Islam
Read about Claudia’s journey into body building

Reflection on myself
I’ve had a lot of opportunity these past 6 months to reflect on myself and the kind of person that I am. I think we can all make more of an effort to be good humans, and I am actively trying to be a better person. To be more kind. More generous. To give out the energy that I want to receive.

Here’s to the rest of 2018, may you bring as much joy as the first half.


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