4 weeks to go: What we’ve planned

Can you believe it’s only three weeks until we’re unemployed? Haha what? Unemployed?! That’s a scary thought. We’ve worked our arses off to get to the point we can afford it, but it’s still scary not having an income. Mum, dad, heeeeelp! What have we done? 😂

Even if we could think of a word that rolled scared, out of our comfort zones, stressed and nervous into one, it would still be an understatement for how we’re feeling, or at least how I’m feeling!

We’ve really only planned out the first part of our trip:
– Flights to London
– An AirBnB for 6 nights
– A week with family
– A van (and gym showers) for a month
– Then we’ve got no bloody idea

Maybe our good old grandma Liz will have us at Buckingham for a while…?

Who knows what the next 12 months will hold for us! Four weeks to go!

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