5 Youtuber’s I’m Loving Right Now

I feel like over time I’ve grown out of some of my subscriptions, and I’m always on the hunt for new, exciting YouTuber’s to watch. So I thought I’d share with you 5 YouTuber’s that I’m loving right now.

Kian & JC
Kian | JC


A little more on the crude humour side of things, but that’s what I enjoy watching them. Their content is still relevant, original, and humorous.

Jess & Gabriel
Jess | Gabriel


Jess & Gabe are the complete opposite to Kian & JC. They vlog on their channel together, and also do more chatty videos on their individual channels. Gabe’s cinematography is exciting to watch and very well done.

Dolan Twins
Ethan | Grayson


The Dolan Twins are a little bit of mindless entertainment for me. Safe but silly challenges, I don’t have to concentrate to watch their content, and it makes me happy – so it’s a no brainer.

David Dobrik & Friends
Liza | Scotty | Todd | Jason | Zane | Heath


Davids vlogs are short and sweet. Often crude but utterly hilarious. I also really enjoy watching the others that in this circle.

Brittney Lee Saunders


Brittney is super relatable, funny, and she’s pretty quick to cut the bull which I like. She puts out a pretty wide variety of content, from vlogs, to beauty videos, to funny challenges.

I hope this has given you some subscription box inspiration! Let me know who you love watching right now!


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