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6 Days in Hawaii

Location Location Pin 2 Oahu, Hawaii
Distance Walked Footprint 42km
Dates  Calendar 9th of December – 15th of December

Even though we were so excited to be in Hawaii, it meant that our trip was coming to close. We managed to leave New York City just as it started to snow, and touched down in Hawaii to 26 degree weather. Absolutely beautiful.

We stayed at the Hyatt Centric Waikiki, which had a beautiful breakfast place called Heavenly just across the road. We kicked off our morning right with smoothies and yummy breakky, and then headed off to the shooting range.


Shooting Range

We were staying super close to the Hawaii Gun Club, so we wandered down there for an afternoon of shooting. We took the online coupon with us, which allowed us a discount to each package. We both ended up getting the A-Course.

While we were shooting, one of the shells flicked back and lodged itself between my protective glasses and my forehead – it burned. Wear your safety equipment kids!!


Diamond Head Hike

After the Hollywood Hike, Diamond Head was a piece of cake. The majority of the way was shaded by the rock walls, and tunnels. The lookout was crowded, but it was well worth the hike. I reckon we could see Australia from up there!


Hanuma Bay

We were trying to decide how we would visit Hanuama Bay. Would we take an Uber, or take a tour?

We ended up finding a tour that was $20 each, pretty cheap we thought. Yes, it was cheap, and there were so many good reasons it was cheap. The guides were a little disheveled and unorganised, and ended up literally throwing the snorkeling equipment at us when we arrived at the bay. But it all made for a pretty funny experience.

The snorkelling was good, and the fish were plentiful. I didn’t get sunburned either, winning!


Waikele Outlets & Ala Moana Centre

Christmas shopping alert!

The Waikele Outlets were so good for ridiculous bargains on name brands. We managed to get 15 pairs of shoes between the two of us, as well as everyone’s Christmas presents!


USS Arizona Memorial

The USS Arizona Memorial was quite harrowing to visit. I’d been before, back in the day with my parents, but I don’t think I was old enough to fully grasp the situation. It was interesting to go back and read about all of the men and women that lost their lives serving the country. It was sad to think about how many of the lives could have been saved, as a lot of the deaths could have been prevented.

There are no words, nor any number of photos to sum up how amazing this trip has been 🇺🇸 Full of adventure, weird tours, laughs, 15 pairs of new shoes, squished luggage, and food… Lots of food!🍕 🍔 🌭
Credit to _moneeyy for being the best travelling companion ever – even if he leaves his phone in Uber’s. 😂🤨

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