A Letter to Future Michaela

Hey Future Michaela… How are we? I hope we’re well. I hope we’re happy.

I hope we haven’t forgotten what we stand for, and what we believe in. I hope we have dogs, or one at least, maybe even a family, who knows!

How are Alannah and Sam? Do we see them much? What about Mum? Do we see her much? If we don’t, maybe we should give them a call. Maybe Nan and Grandad too, are they still around? I hope so.

Do we have kids? If we do, I hope they’re all healthy and happy. Is Jaeden still a fussy eater, or does he eat our cooking now? Maybe he’s the one that does the cooking… It wouldn’t surprise me.

Are we working doing something we love? If we’re not, maybe we should start thinking about looking for something different. Remember how we used to say that being happy was the most important thing?

Did we ever start posting on that YouTube channel regularly? I mean, we had every intention to… Do we take more photos now? We always said we needed to take more photos.

Do we still make candles? I bet they still smell good.

Did we live abroad? For how long? Where did we go? What was our favourite part?

I hope we are still blogging… Maybe we have blogs from all of our adventures abroad. I’d love to read those!

Where ever we are, I hope we are happy and healthy. I hope we are surrounded by people we love, and people that love us. There is no greater goal than being happy.

Don’t forget we need to love ourselves more.

I’ll see you in the future… Maybe next year… Maybe in ten years… Love you!


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