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I abseiled off a 100ft cliff

 Blue Mountains, Australia
Bucket list #72

I got to tick another adventure off my bucket list a few weeks ago – abseiling! We headed to the Blue Mountains for a cold, wet and scary adventure with the Australian School of Mountaineering.

We popped up the the Blue Mountains for a long weekend full of fun and adventure. Of course we picked one of the wettest weekends of the year to go!

We donned our abseiling clothes (connies and a pair of tights, just like the professionals, right?) and headed into Katoomba to meet with our group and instructor. The weather was looking ominous, with clouds clutching onto a torrential downpour.

We were lucky mother nature held onto most of the precipitation. The skies briefly parted and we got to see this beautiful view for about half an hour before a waterfall of white fog rolled back into the valley.

They started us on a 17ft rock wall, followed by 50ft and then the grand finale, the 100ft rock wall! We had a couple turns of each wall. Leaning back over the edge at the beginning was the scariest part. One deep breath in, put all of your faith in a little rope and drop down the cliff.

It really was a fantastic experience, even if we did get lost trying to find our way back to the top of the cliff. I like to think we took the (very) scenic route.

You can check out the full video of our Blue Mountains adventure here!



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