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Bondi to Coogee coastal walk

Today we did the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk… In more of an unconventional way. We parked at Coogee, and wandered down to grab some breakfast at Little Jack Horner (even though we’d had Macca’s on the way – calories don’t count on weekends, right?).

After an appropriate amount of caffeination and a satisfactory amount of full, we headed down to Coogee beach to begin the walk.

The coastal walk began pretty cruise-y, but of course the boys decided that the conventional way was too boring for them. They wanted to go ‘bouldering’ so along the shore line we went. Jumping up and down all jagged rocks along the bottom of the cliff face. Leaping over sketchy gaps in the rocks, and balancing on teetering boulders.

It took us probably about an hour to get around the first headland, and we didn’t get through without a few casualties. One of the boys’ shoes ended up getting completely soaked, with a simple step miscalculation.

To be completely honest with you, we didn’t even end up making it all the way to Bondi. We made it to Tamarama. Which meant we had about 2 more headlands that we should have walked around, but we got lazy!

We stopped for lunch, because 90% of our lives revolve around food – I mean if you don’t eat, you die. So constantly thinking about our next meal only seemed fitting, you know?

Next time I would actually like to make it all the way to Bondi, but I guess I should go with people that actually want to walk and not run across rocks like crazy people!

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