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I Pierced my Conch!

About a week ago, on impulse, I thought it would be a great idea to get a brand new piercing! No particular reason, I just thought some new body mods would make me feel excited! And it did make me feel excited, maybe a little too excited…

As I signed the piece of paper that destined my ears into the hands of the bod-mod-gods, I quickly put down an additional piercing – my third lobe. If it’s good enough for Rhi Rhi, then it’s good enough for me.

After signing the tablet and sitting down on the bed, the nerves started to kick in and, sweating from every place imaginable, I started to questioning what I’d done in my life that had led me to this moment.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no stranger to piercings, but even after a triple helix, double lobes and my belly button, I was still asking myself “Does it hurt more than I remember? The cartilage is quite thick, will it bleed?”. Quietly crapping myself as I made polite conversation with the piercer.

She dotted the spots that I wanted pierced. “Yep, that’s fine.” I agreed, barely checking them, hoping it would be over soon. With a deep breath in I felt the needle glide through cartilage that was in my ear, with hardly any pain. That was fine?! What was I so worried about? She did my lobe in quick succession, which hurt just a tiny bit more.

Result? I love it. Considering I decided a mere 5 minutes before walking into the studio, I’m really happy with it. Not sure what I want next though…

Tada! I have two more sparkly holes in my body!

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