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Countdown FAQs

We’ve noticed we’re getting a lot of people (friends and family) interested in similar aspects of our travels while dooms day approaches! So I thought I’d pop together a few of the most common questions we get asked, just in case you’re curious too!

How long are you gone for?

Honestly, we have no idea! We’re saying at a minimum 12 months, but who knows what the future holds!

Do you have an itinerary of where you’re going?

Yes and no, we have the first month and a half sort of organised – see here.

Then we’re thinking we’ll fly from the Faroe Islands into Amsterdam at the beginning of July, work our way around the west coast until we get to Italy in about September, and then no concrete plans after that.

I’m hoping for a Chrissy in Switzerland, but it’ll depend on the timing of my schengen visa and how the bilateral visas work out. That’s a wholeeeee other story 😂

Won’t you miss everyone at home?

Of course we will, but we’re lucky that a lot of family and friends are coming over to visit us while we’re away!

Where are you flying into?

We land in London, England on the 4th of May at 6:30pm

Are you working while you’re away?

We don’t have any plans to work while we’re away at this stage, but Jae has his British passport and my visa (that finally arrived) gives me the right to work in the UK, so if we need to we can.

How can I contact you?

Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or email!

Are you taking a suitcase or a backpack?

We’re both taking big, heavy backpacks. 😢

How are you packing for hot AND cold climates in one backpack?

Very selectively. I’m 90% sure I’ve forgotten something important…

Knowing me, I always end up wearing the same thing every day when I go away anyway… Jeans/shorts and a black T-shirt is usually a crowd favourite (and it looks clean even when it’s dirty).

How long are you in the van for?

Exactly a month, from 17th May to the 17th of June (Happy Birthday Alan!).

Are you visiting family?

We’re so lucky that we have a lot of family who live abroad and we’re so excited to meet them/see them again!

I’ve got family in Italy, Switzerland and Germany, and Jae has family in the UK, the Faroes and Denmark.

I can’t wait to run around yelling ‘Mia famiglia!’ and ‘Siamo cugini!’.

Are you taking your drone away?

Absolutely! What a wasted opportunity if we didn’t! Check it all out on our YouTube 🙂

I think that covers most of the top level questions we get asked 🙂 if you have any more, feel free to ask us!

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