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Mason Elephant Park, Ubud


Location: Mason Elephant Safari Park, Taro, Bali
Price: $86 USD per person
– Jumbo Wash
– Swimming with Elephants
– Park Admission
– Pick-up and drop-off
– Buffet Breakfast
– Towel and warm showers after swim
Travel time: 30 minutes from Ubud
Booked through: Mason Adventures

The Day

Elephants are my all-time favourite animal. They’ve been my favourite animal for as long as I can remember, so it was a no-brainer to head to the Mason Elephant Park in Ubud to fulfil my need to be cuddled by a big, wrinkly, hairy trunk.

In true Michaela and Jaeden fashion, decided last minute and booked the night before we went. The booking process was easy and a confirmation email came through shortly after purchasing.

We opted for the wash, swim and breakfast, foregoing the saddled elephant ride.

The shuttle came right on time at 6:30am and we arrived at the park just after 7am. We were checked-in immediately and given coupons for each activity.

Jumbo Wash

We were directed through the park towards the Jumbo Wash, with a family of four and another couple of girls from the Gold Coast. There were two female elephants, rescued from Sumatra eagerly awaiting their morning scrub! Neither of them were tethered and they were both calm while munching on coconut palms.

We were given a hose and a scrubbing brush each, and told ‘make sure you scrub the dirt off!’. Being allowed to get up so close and personal with such a magnificent animal was ah-mazing!

This beautiful lady happily stood while enjoying a nice scrub and scratch.


Some might think that we were unlucky going on the day that we did, because the ‘pool’ was being emptied and cleaned the following day. I like to think that we got the ‘authentic’ experience.

As well as a playground, the elephants like to use the swimming hole as a bathroom… To our dismay (and amusement), we discovered ‘elephant coconuts’ float!

They happily splashed around in the water while we were dunked in and out of poo water!

We finished swimming and playing with the gentle giants and headed in for a warm shower and rinse off. By the time we wandered out of the showers it was about 8.30am.

The rest of the park

After washing off and cleaning up, we went and grabbed buffet breakfast at the Mason Elephant Lodge restaurant, which was included in our booking.

We spent the rest of the morning wandering around the park, feeding and cuddling the elephants. There are a lot of little nooks with day beds to stop and relax.

They also have an Elephant Art Gallery, Koi Pond and Informational Elephant Shows.

Overall, this is a fantastic activity and experience to do as a family, a couple or even on your own. All of the staff speak some level of English, they are accomodating and happy to take photos for you!

Happy early birthday to me!

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