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Essential Travel Toiletries

I was feeling unusually inspired while unpacking after arriving home from Queenstown. As I sorted my dirty clothes from the clean ones, I thought about how I’d pack the perfect number of products; I’d used them all at least once and I didn’t need to buy anything extra.

So, because summer is just around the corner and everyone seems to have wanderlust, I thought I’d share my essential travel toiletries with all of you!


Great holiday hair starts with nourishing shampoo and conditioner! This perfect combo is extremely hydrating for your hair, and leaves it silky smooth. They’re also a great shape and size for travel!

I tend to get a little lazy when it comes to washing my hair, so dry shampoo is like the holy grail of hair products. I picked this Cedel Dry Shampoo up from my local Priceline because it was on sale, and it was great. I only washed my hair once the whole time I was overseas, but it still looked clean after I used the dry shampoo. It also smells great!

I love love love my hair oils! I took over the Brazilian Keratin Therapy oil, because it helps to keep my hair straight without heat, but on a day to day basis, I would usually use the Coconut Milk oil. I like my coconut products.



I don’t like to take my whole skincare kit and caboodle on holidays, even though I’d like to, it’s just too much (hence the essentials). So these three products were my go-to skincare during my time away. The Neoutrogena Moisturiser was great for the mornings under my makeup, because it has SPF, which means my skin is protected from the sun.

The other two products are the essentials from my daily skincare routine. You may already know how much I’m inlove with Let the Good Times Roll; if you’re not, click here. ASAP Daily Facial Cleanser helps to keep my skin clear and has visibly reduced the size of my pores since I started using it.



Finally, body products, things to keep you smelling nice and clean! This Sunescape Body Wash smells sooooo good and is extremely hydrating. It’s also a great size for travel, and the bottle is sturdy, so it won’t explode when your luggage gets thrown around. I like to take a little deodorant like this Nivea Stress Protect, that has clinical protection, because during my holidays we walk around a lot, and there’s nothing worse than being smelly or sweaty.

These two perfumes are also perfect for travel, the glass is quite thick and they’re only small. I took the Katy Perry Killer Queen with me, because my Ralph Lauren Hot is almost finished :(.

But, how do you carry this all, I hear you ask! Never fear! IMG_5722

This Sunescape Travel Bag was perrrrfect for all my toiletry products! Love love love!

I hope this has helped you guys pick your essential travel items for this summer! Travel safe lovelies!

M xx

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