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Inexpensive tourist attractions in the Faroe Islands

Tourism in the Faroe Islands is booming. Hotels and AirBnBs are booked out months in advance, and two new hotels are in the process of being built. So it’s no surprise that more and more tourist hotspots now require a fee, when previously they did not.

The cost of living in the Faroe Islands is also very expensive, we were lucky enough to have a multitude of family living there that took very, very good care of us!  (miss you guys already!) :'(

I would recommend renting a car if your budget allows. If not, public transport is relatively good, but you won’t be able to get to some of the below locations without a significant walk.

Additionally, the red buses in and around Torshavn are completely free.

Gasaladur Waterfall*

Gasaladur is on the same island as the airport and is about a 20 minute drive away. There is no fee to visit this spot, and the walk around the village is beautiful. If you’re not staying around this area, I’d recommend visiting this just as you’ve arrived from the airport, or just before you leave, as there’s not much else to see if you head out this way again.

Gasaladur, Faroe Islands

Day trip to Nolsoy

Nolsoy is a beautiful little island located directly east of Torshavn. The ferry leaves from the port at Torshavn and you pay for your ticket on board. It’s 40dkk (~$10 aud) per person for a round trip. 

If you’re interested in hiking there’s a trail that takes about 3 hours each way to the south side of the island.

If you’re after something a little more easy going, you can begin to follow this same trail and stop half way up the mountain for a beautiful view of Torshavn across the ocean, and Nolsoy village down below.

Or if hiking isn’t your thing at all, you can walk around the village of Nolsoy and visit the museum!

Nolsoy, Faroe Islands

Take a helicopter to another island

I know what you’re thinking – “um, isn’t this supposed to be inexpensive things to do?” but helicopter trips are surprisingly quite cheap (for now) due to the government heavily subsidising! We really wanted to head to Mykines, but with the increased tourism and the influx of ‘influencers’, getting to and from Mykines is often booked out quite far in advance.

So, we opted to go to Skuvoy, one of the smaller islands in the south. The helicopter trip cost 130dkk (~$32.50 aud) each one-way to the island. We spent a few hours hiking to the north side of the island and headed off the island via ferry.

To get back we had to get two ferries and two buses – but you only pay for the ferries one way. On ferries heading out of Torshavn, you pay. Ferries heading into Torshavn are free, even if you got the helicopter out of Torshavn!

The buses were 20dkk (~$5 aud) per person. Overall a relatively cheap day out that includes something special and exciting!

Skuvoy, Faroe Islands

Fossa Waterfall Hike (the tallest waterfall in the Faroe Islands)*

This was probably my favourite thing that we did (besides meeting all of the family!). Fossa Waterfall is the Faroe Island’s tallest waterfall. It is almost like two shelves, and you can climb from the bottom near the road, to the middle!

If you go on a day when there hasn’t been much rain, then it will look like it did when we were there, and you can walk right up to it without getting too wet!

The hike is a little slippery though, so be careful.

Fossa Waterfall, Faroe Islands

Fossa Waterfall, Faroe Islands

*requires a car

Getting around the Faroes:

Bus & ferry timetable

Helicopter timetable & prices

Hire a car

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