Favourite Travel Moments of 2017

Can you believe we are already a month and a bit into 2018? Far out, where did January go?!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the longing I have to travel, and live the nomad life. But while I can’t do that ~just~ yet, I thought I’d take a look back on my 2017 travels and pick my favourite bits!

Tokyo Disney Land
Tokyo was amazing, and to be able to go to Disney Land on my birthday was pretty special.

Hollywood Sign Hike
This was one of the most rewarding things I have done – and even though I didn’t love every second of getting there, being at the top was pretty darn good.

Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco is a bloody great city. I’d go again without question. Based on what I’ve been told, we were pretty lucky with the weather, and I am forever grateful!

The Empire State Building
Even though I was freezing my lil nips off, The Empire State Building is an absolute must do for me. It kind of combined all of my hopes and dreams for New York City into one tall af building.

I can’t wait for more adventures and even more favourites for 2018 🎉

I’d love to know where you guys went this year and what was your favourite?


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