Frank Body vs. Hello I’m Roar

Obligatory Edit: Hello, I’m Roar went mouldy after a week :(. I don’t know if this had anything to do with the way I used it, because I used both scrubs the same, and Frank is still fine. If you’re going to use Hello, I’m Roar within a short amount of time, then disregard this.

When researching about Frank Body scrub, I made a happy discovery – Hello, I’m Roar. Helloimroar is another, cheaper coffee body scrub on the market (a clear Frank Body competitor). I looked around online for helpful reviews comparing both of the products, but I couldn’t find any. So, I decided I’d make my own comparison review.


Let’s Talk Value:

~ Helloimroar’s Coffee + Coconut scrub is $14.95 for 220g of product, with free shipping Australia wide. ~$6.20 per 100g~

~ Frank Body’s Coffee + Coconut scrub is $17.95 for 200g of product, with free shipping Australia wide. ~$8.97 per 100g~

It appears that if you purchase Helloimroar, you are getting more for less in comparison to Frank. The ingredients and packaging are almost identical, which makes me wonder why Frank is more expensive.

I ordered both on Wednesday, receiving Helloimroar on Friday and Frank on the following Monday. Let’s see which one is better!


~ The Texture ~ Frank 
Both scrubs have a unique look and texture. Helloimroar is more of a dry scrub, I would liken it to coffee beans ground into a powder. There is no physical evidence that this scrub is anything more than ground up coffee beans. It smells like ground up coffee beans, and it looks like ground up coffee beans.

Frank Body’s scrub has a great texture, with what appears to be sugar crystals throughout. It is more moist than I expected. It seemed to stick together a little more than Helloimtoar, I’m going to assume that it was due to the Grape Seed oil.

~ The Feeling ~ Tie
I used both of the scrubs on two separate days (because Helloimroar arrived first). They both left my skin feeling soft, clean and exfoliated, so I then tried them together assigning them to a leg each. Both of my legs felt clean and exfoliated, I honestly couldn’t really determine a physical difference between them.


~ The Smell ~ Frank
Upon opening both of the scrubs, they both smell amazing. Helloimroar smells just like coffee, while Frank has a sweet coffee smell to it. I honestly much prefered the smell of Frank, because it made it evident that there was coconut and grape seed in the recipe.

~ Standing in the Shower ~ Tie
I think that standing in the shower for 5-10 minutes trying to avoid the water is a little bit unrealistic. It might be better to hop out of the shower and into the bath, but even then you have to hang out naked and cold for 5 minutes.

~ The Packaging ~ Tie
Although I understand the packaging is great for the environment, it’s not thought out 100%. If you get the packaging wet in the shower then it begins to deteriorate, as it’s cardboard. Even though it has a plastic lining on the inside, the cardboard is a little redundant for a product that is going to be used in the shower/bath.

The only thing that sets these two apart in terms of packaging is that Frank has the ingredients and a few product details on the actual bag.

Although, I love love loved the hand written note I got from Helloimroar. The personal touch makes it all the more personal.

~ Delivery ~ Helloimroar
Helloimroar was delivered quickly and efficiently. I love that they sent me a little hand written note personally addressed to me. I also loved that they put in a cute little sample and personalised the letter.

Frank was efficient, but it wasn’t as personal, but I suppose thats what you get when you buy from a bigger company.


There isn’t really any distinguishable difference in the product quality, but the products themselves are clearly different. If you’ve got enough money to go luxurious and spend a bit more money, Frank is the way to go. Only because the smell and texture is a bit more exotic.

If you’re buying a scrub purely for the functional benefits, then Helloimroar is the scrub for you. You’ll save some money, but still have the fantastic clean feeling. It may not smell as tropical, or be as evidently moist, but it gets the job done.

I hope this helps you guys figure out which scrub is for you. Both of these products are amazing because they are unique.

M xx

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    May 5, 2015 at 11:45 am

    I love Frank body scrub but I’ll definitely have to try helloimroar. The only thing I don’t like is that it gets absolutely everywhere!

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