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Free Nutella Breakfast!

7.30am. I rolled over, snuggling deeper into my blankets when I remembered something important… FREE NUTELLA BREAKFAST! I sprung out of bed and made my way as quickly as I could to the door. Hopping with one foot inside my jeans, looking semi presentable. 7:45am?! Time to go!

Cold and overcast, I picked up Jaeden on the way to The Nutella Roadtrip Van in Cronulla, my windscreen wipers methodically thudding on the windscreen.

I was excited. I mean who isn’t excited for free chocolate breakfast? As we drove past to find a parking spot, we realised the rain had not deterred anyone… The line was probably about 100 people long by the time we joined.

They had put out signs that said “from this point in the line, you are x minutes away from the front!”. As the rain pattered down around us we were almost going to leave, but we stuck it out and lucky we did, because the line moved pretty fast.

Half pancake was cold, and I was left still hungry, but you can’t really be disappointed with free food. So, in a true food-fan fashion, we stopped on the way home and got breakky burgers. Successful Saturday morning, I’d say!


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