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Free sightseeing in London

Off the plane and into the heart of London for some Tight Traveller fun! Free sightseeing in London is plentiful if you know where to look! We managed to entertain ourselves for a full day for a grand total of £2.80 each – that was the tube fare!

We headed from our AirBnB to the closest tube station – Colliers Wood and hopped off at London Bridge station. After a few aimless circles around the station trying to get our bearings we headed across the London Bridge for a beautiful view of the Tower Bridge!

Tower Bridge

We walked from London Bridge along the water to Tower Bridge, which is beautiful! I’d recommend making an effort to walk across the east side of the bridge, as there are less pedestrians due to most of the access points being on the west side.

London Eye

We headed from the Tower Bridge to the London Eye. I initially was wondering what the fuss was about – it’s just a glorified ferris wheel, right? But no, it’s bloody huge!

Big Ben

Big Ben is (kind of) visible from the London Eye, if you count the scaffolding as being a part of it! The clock face was still visible, but other than that it was completely covered with construction.

Westminster Bridge (the bridge that has the best view of the London Eye) was full of hustlers and street gamblers. Huge crowds circled, betting on which cup the ball was under – so bizarre!

Buckingham Palace

We wandered past Big Ben and at this point Jae was already complaining that we were walking too much, so I thought ‘I’ll make him walk further, the only thing he can do is continue to complain‘. So, off to Buckingham Palace we went! We were lucky enough to catch a memorial parade on the way through.

Buckingham Palace was beautiful, and massive… Who needs that many rooms?! Aside from me and all of the dogs I will be having (obviously).

That was a full, free day of sightseeing that I can definitely recommend! Next up is the free British Museum, because Jae loves to read everything


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