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Where to get free stuff on your birthday!

Do you love free shit? Me too.

Do you have a birthday? Same.

Do you know what these have in common? Companies give you free shit on your birthday.


It’s true, all you have to do is get another year older and while visiting these places, thrust your ID in their face demanding free stuff. (We do not condone the demanding of free stuff, asking politely also works)

It’s also the perfect Tight Traveller hack when you want to treat-yo-self on your birthday!

Let’s get it!

Ali Baba – Get a free Kebab
Baskin Robbins – Free scoop and discount on an ice cream birthday cake.
Bondi Pizza – A free pizza on them!
Boost – Get a free drink of your choice!
Chatime – Get a free drink.
Coffee Club – Get a free drink.
Cold Rock – Get a free ice-cream and a $10 Ice Cream Cake voucher.

Ferguson Plaree – Birthday Club. Special treat.
Gloria Jeans – Relax with a free drink.
Groove Train – Get a free meal – valid for one week.
Hard Rock Cafe – Annual birthday offer.
Hogs Breath – Hogs Squad Paid membership. Birthday food voucher (up to) $33.95. Valid for the month.
IKEA – Free cake in the onsite cafe. Valid for the month.
Jamaica Blue – Treat yourself to a slice of cake
Kingsleys Australian Steakhouse – a free steak on your big day!
Krispy Kreme – Subscribe to their newsletter. One free original glazed doughnut.
Lone Star Rib House – Free birthday meal up to $35.
Montezumas – Free Main meal – valid for the month.
Mrs Fields – Free cookie!
Muffin Break – A free muffin to celebrate your big day
Nandos – You’ll get a whole meal on your birthday!
Noodle Box – $10 birthday voucher – valid for one week.
Oporto – Enjoy a meal on them!
Outback Jacks – The Birthday Club. One free (up to) $35 meal a year.
Pancake Parlour – Get a free sweet treat.
Pancakes on the Rocks – Get a free meal – valid for the month.

Rashays – Get a birthday voucher.
Red Rooster – A free meal on your birthday
Ribs and Rumps – $30 voucher for your birthday
Salsa’s – Free burrito on your birthday and $2.50 burritos every Tuesday.
San Churro – Delicious churros for your big day!
Soul Burger – Free $20 voucher.
Spudbar – They’ve got a free spud for you!
Starbucks – A free birthday drink.
Steersons Steakhouse – Enjoy a free steak!
Subway – Free lunch on your birthday.
Sumo Salad – Free salad on your birthday.
The Cheesecake Shop – $5 birthday voucher.


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