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Friday nights

Friday night is pizza night! Jaeden and I tried a new restaurant that had been recommended to us from multiple different sources – Jensen’s.

It was a little more highbrow than we were expecting, and as a result we definitely were not dressed appropriately. T-shirt, jeans and a hat probably aren’t the best attire for this restaurant. Whoops!

Having said that, the food was so good, and the staff were friendly. It was a little more exxy than what we are used to. We shared an entree of dumplings, each got our own pizza and Jae got a ginger beer. It came to a total of $82 AUD.

Jensen’s is a good venue for celebrations, parties, or fancy dinners, funnily enough there was a 40th birthday while we were there.

I don’t think we’d go back, unless for a nice celebration, a local pub feed is more our speed at this point in life.

To top off the night we came home and snuggled with my favourite chubby doggo.

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