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I tried Mecca’s HOLO-GLAM Lip Effects

Mecca Max – HOLO GLAM – Lip Effects
Cost: $20 AUD
Rating: 3/5

“Give your lip, eye and cheek looks a multi-dimensional edge with these irresistible holographic top coats. The unique, light-reflective finish transforms colour as you move for an ethereal, otherworldly effect. Wear alone or apply over your existing beauty faves to instantly transform their finish.” – Mecca


Seems easy enough! Apply to eyes, lips or cheeks… Let’s go!

I lovedddd this when I swatched it on my hand at Mecca, the holographic-ness was amazing. It dried completely and I could run my finger over it without any transfer. The colour of Glitz (the one I bought) I would describe as the “cooler” shade. It throws greens,  blues and yellows.

When I opened this at home, I was surprised at the smell. It smells very strongly of alcohol and mildly burns when applying.


Cheeks – 4.5/5

I’ll start off by saying, I applied HOLO-GLAM over powder on my cheek bones, because of the initial sticky consistency, I was concerned that my powder would stick and just be a big ol’ cake.

I loved it. For a festival, or a point of difference on a night out, I would highly recommend this. #mermaidvibes

Eyes – 3/5

It made my concealer (Bobbi Brown – Instant Full Cover Concealer) crease significantly, but I think this would look nice as an inner corner highlight… I may use this in a different look to try it like that instead of all over the lid.


Lips – 2/5

When I applied HOLO-GLAM to my lips the dreaded butthole lip was apparent. I applied it directly to the lip, without any lipstick on.

It was pretty difficult to apply evenly, and I had to work pretty quickly to make it look even before it dried. BUT if I applied another layer before it had dried, it took off the first layer – like when you paint the second coat of you nails when the first coat is still tacky and it ruins the whole thing. When it did completely dry, any display of emotion would crack it and make it look flakey – like a dried face mask.

I wasn’t really a fan of this on my lips. It didn’t feel nice.

Overall I don’t think I would buy this product again. It’s difficult to apply and not something I would reach for everyday…

What do you guys think? Have you used this and had a different experience? Let me know in the comments down below.




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