I tried a vegan hair mask!

When it comes to Haircare I’ll admit I’m less than proactive. My routine usually consists of washing it quickly and hoping it will be dry before I go to bed.

I recently had my hair done (thank you Cronulla Backstage Hairdressing, amazing job as always!). But I know how drying bleach can be, so I was desparate to find a product to help my tangles that wasn’t going to break the bank.

I must admit when I was browsing Priceline, I didn’t know what I was looking for. I only knew I wanted something affordable that would put life back into my hair.

As I was walking the isles, a little pop of colour caught my eye on the bottom shelf. The Brite Organix Masque range stood out among the other hair care products that all seems to merge into a sea of spray cans and goo-filled bottles.

Although not having heard of the brand before, the “Reduced” sticker was enough for me to give them a go. At $5 each, I grabbed the For Blonde Hair (Blackcurrant), For Frizzy Hair (Raspberry & Vanilla) and For Split Ends (Pineapple).

I was delighted to discover that as well as being vegan friendly, they are also cruelty free! Yay for Haircare that supports animals!

What I loved about this hair mask is that I could jump in the shower, wash my hair, put the mask in and then just leave it until I finished my shower to rinse.

For Blonde Hair ~ Blackcurrant
Fragrance ~ 7/10
Feeling ~ 9/10
Result ~ 9/10

I immediately noticed that this made my hair feel softer, and made it easier to run my fingers through. I towel dried my hair until it was damp, and then just let it air dry.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the smell, but it did smell like blackcurrants, so I can’t really fault it there.

By the morning my brush glided through with ease, and it wasn’t as frizzy as it normally is. I ran my straighter over it and it straightened within a few minutes, when normally it takes me about 10 minutes.

I received numerous compliments, ranging from “Your hair looks nice today”, “Your hair looks soft today” and “Your hair looks… different today”.

It felt soft and silky, and was not as frizzy as  it usually is – which I loved! I’m excited to use this product again and try the other two Masque’s, hopefully with an even better result!

Let me know if you have any Haircare secrets that you swear by!

xx M

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