Is NARS worth it?

Do you spend forever going through Mecca and Sephora online, carefully selecting what you want, and then when you finally review your cart, you just close the tab all together?
$150 AUD + Shipping… watttt?! Uhhh-no. I’m sorry, I’m a Uni student. As much as I loooveee that red lipstick, $40 seems a little excessive when I could be buying food or coffee. So it only made sense to take advantage of my friend travelling to the US.

“CAN YOU PRETTY PLEASE GET ME A NARS LIPSTICK?!” and she came back with this…

Success! Still relatively expensive, more than I would generally spend on a lipstick, but ahh-maaaa-gaaaad. The texture of this is uhmazingg! It’s super creamy and stays really well. I’ve worn it a few times on nights out with my gal pals, and out to nice dinners.

If I lived in the US I would definitely be purchasing more of NARS products. I think the quality of this product is super good, but I think that there are dupes that are of similar quality for significantly less.

So I will continue to search for the perfectly priced, perfectly pigmented and perfectly textured lipstick. Let me know below if you guys have any lipsticks you swear by!

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