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Off-Roading, Turtles & Birthdays!

Location Location Pin 2 Sussex Inlet, New South Wales, Australia

A weekend away keeps the doctor at bay! Like I promised in my Goals for 2018 blog, this year is going to be all about doing things that make me happy, and saying yes to new experiences. This weekend we ran away to have some time in Sussex Inlet with friends and (my future) family.

My first off-roading experience was a success! So much so, that we ended up going again the next day. We ventured into the wilderness that is Sussex Inlet fire trails, motorbike runs and huge puddles! It probably didn’t help that there had been a torrential down pour both nights prior to our adventuring.



As we were adventuring through the bush, I hopped out to take a photo and noticed that a tiny little turtle had made his way out of a muddy puddle, and into the danger zone. After getting Matt to stop safely, we scooped him up, said hello, and put him back into a safe place, that was out of the way of any tyres.


We also celebrated Bronte’s birthday this weekend, the big 21! Even though her birthday is on Wednesday, because we have to work, we celebrated a few days early! Happy birthday Bronte!


Bring on the rest of 2018, for more saying yes and more happiness!

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