Save for your trip with these simple tips

Trying to save for your next big trip away can seem daunting. Especially in Australia, where flights to go anywhere are super expensive. I managed to save over $8500 EXTRA in just 1 year, by following these simple ways to save! And there’s potential for you to save even more than I did!

Make your coffee instead & save $1825pa

I used to rely on coffee to get me through the day. Minimum one a day. My small soy latte would cost me between $4.50 – $5 depending on where I was purchasing from that morning. If I skipped my cup in the morning, the demon headaches would set in. I would feel like my eyeballs were being pushed out of my head by my throbbing brain. Yes. Caffeine addiction is real.

I decided to give it up when I realised how reliant I had become, and how much money I was spending! Cutting out your morning coffee can save you SO much money in the long run.

BUT if you find yourself not wanting to cut it out completely , you don’t have to! Just start making it at home instead and put the $5 a day that you would have normally spent on coffee, into a savings jar. You’ll be surprised how quickly it adds up – especially if you drink more than 1 a day!

Quick maths:

1 cup of coffee = $5

$5 x 365 days in a year = $1825

Make your lunch instead & save $5200pa

I’m guilty of this. The extra 5 minutes sleep always made me feel like it was worth not making my lunch. I would spend anywhere between $15 to $20 on lunch a day. Which didn’t really seem like a big deal – until I did the maths.

Making lunch might seem like a chore, and if you’re like me and can’t be bothered to meal prep, then buy a loaf of bread and make sandwiches at work! That’s what I do. I’ve got a loaf of bread in my desk draw, and an assortment of spreads.

If I’m feeling adventurous I might go and buy and avocado, or some meat from the deli. $5 of deli meats will last me a couple of sandwiches!

Remember, this is only buying lunch at work, I haven’t even included going out to eat on week nights or the weekend!

Quick maths:

Buying lunch at work = $20

$20 x 5 days a week = $100

$100 x 52 weeks in a year = $5200

Walk more & save $260pa

It might not seem like a lot, but $260 can be over two weeks accomodation in Asia. As petrol prices keep going up, walking is a great way to save a bit of extra cash, and get fitter while you do it!

Quick maths:

Walk to places in your neighbourhood instead of driving = $5 a week

$5 x 52 weeks in a year = $260 per annum

Sell things you don’t use anymore & save an infinite amount! (I saved $1170)

This one seems like a no brainer. So often I have things lying around at home that I used maybe once, and then never again. 

The smart watch that you can’t be bothered to charge anymore? Sell it & save $300

Still got that gym membership you never use? Cancel it & save $670 per annum

Your old phone that still works, but is now an old model? Sell it & save $200

Quick maths:

$300 + $670 + $200 = $1170


Open a high interest savings account

A couple of years ago, when I properly looked at my finances, I noticed that my bank was charging me account keeping fees, and it wasn’t just a couple of cents.

They were charging me $6 a month, and the interest rate sucked as well! I shopped around to find a better interest rate and lower fees.

Low and behold I found a bank that charged NO account keeping fees, and had the highest interest rate, under the condition that I used my tap-and-go twice a month. Too easy!

So in addition to saving myself $6 a month, I was also making money on the money I was saving. No brainer! 

Quick maths:

$6 x 12 months = $72 per annum

My total annual savings using just the tips above:


And remember this doesn’t include:

– The interest you could be earning on your savings account

– Buying you meals on the weekends

– More items that you can sell (clothes, electronics, things you don’t use anymore)

Do you have extra tips to save? I’d love to know! Leave them below!

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