Six Goals for 2018

Now normally for “New Years Resolutions” I’d be writing something like, lose weight, get fit, save x amount of money. But, truth is I say that every year, and maybe I’ll stick to it for January, but I never follow through. That’s why 2018 will be the year of real life goals and making myself happy, not resolutions.

What I want to achieve to make my 2018 happier;

Travel More
2018 for me, will be the year to do things that make me happy, and travel makes me happy. There are an abundance of cities and countries that I want to visit and I don’t want to hold back because I think other people will think I’m doing the wrong thing.

I am not sure where 2018 will take me, but I know it will be amazing. I feel like I’ve had a taste of 2018 from my trip to America. I’m waiting for you 2018 🤞🏻


Stress Less
I stress a lot. So much so, that at the age of 22, I am starting to go grey. I put a lot of pressure on myself to do the right thing by everyone, and sometimes it’s just not possible to please everyone, which gets me really wound up.

I want to not worry so much about the insignificant things in the New Year. 2018 will be about me, my family and my friends, everything else will come second best.

Write More
I love to write, but sometimes I can get lazy. Or I get sad at the thought that no one will read it. Truth is, it shouldn’t bother me how many people read my writing, how many people comment on my blogs and how many people like my writing style. It should be about me enjoying writing, and creating something unique and beautiful as seen from my point of view.

Create Something I am Proud of
I’ve felt stuck in a rut a lot of this year, doing life chores that are suppose to further my career, or take me to the next step in my life. I really just want to slow down and create something, anything. Maybe that’s why I’ve started properly blogging again. I want to feel like something is mine, that I am proud of. Not slave away for “The Man” and at the end of the day feel no real sense of accomplishment.

Bring on an influx of writing and some kick ass videos!

Say Yes!
During the week I don’t really do anything with my evenings. It’s just so easy to come home, have a shower, be a vegetables on the lounge for a while and go to bed, to get up and do it all again the next day.

I want to start making an effort doing things with my evenings and weekends, whether that be, going for a walk, seeing friends, going to the gym, or baking something delicious. I want to say yes. Yes to going for a swim at the beach, yes to driving the quad bike (even though I’m terrified)…


Eat Less, More Often
I have a habit of either overeating at every meal, or not eating for long periods of time. I want to regulate my eating habits so my metabolism will thank me later in life.

Keep Updates on My Goals!
My final goal for 2018 is to keep biweekly updates on my goals! So stay tuned for the mental, spiritual and physical growth that 2018 has to bring.

2018 I’m coming for you!

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