Skinny Me Tea – Does it work?

As much as I hate to admit it, I’m pretty quick to jump onto any fad diet that promises less bloating and a more toned physique. God forbid I eat properly and exercise. So when Skinny Me Tea promised to help reduce bloating, encourage weight-loss and promote healthier skin, you better believe I was jumping onto that bandwagon.


I bought the 14 Day Teatox ($39 AUD), which included loose leaf tea to drink every morning with breakfast, and a powdered tea to drink every second evening before bed. I also had to buy an infuser, which was an additional $5 AUD.

Morning Tea
Dirt & Green Tea

The morning tea, although not what I would normally go for, was bearable. It has a very earthy taste (nice way of saying dirt) and tastes quite similar to green tea. All in all, was not a bad experience.

Evening Tea
Sludge, Laxatives & Naps

I had to battle my way through the evening teas. I found that the powder didn’t fully dissolve in the water, leaving an unpleasant brown sludge at the bottom of the cup. This meant that when I was almost finished, I had to precariously tip the cup to ensure that I wasn’t reminded of the days when I was 3 and ate sand for entertainment.

The most significant side effect from this tea was that it had a laxative effect each morning after the evening cleanse. The tea contains 2.7g of Senna Leaf, which is a plant used to make medicine and is also used as a nonprescription laxative.

Even though the stomach pains on the way to work were uncomfortable, I felt like I was sleeping more soundly. This was probably due to the Valerian Root in the tea, which is commonly used for sleep disorders like insomnia.

Would I buy it again?

Probably not. Although there was a change in my weight, I’m pretty confident that this was just water weight that was being expelled with the evening cleanse. There are better was healthier ways to lose weight. This tea just seems like it’s making a laxative diet socially acceptable.


I’d be interested in your experiences with teas similar to this! Let me know!


x M

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