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Skydive the Beach – Wollongong

Bucket List – #47

Lately I’ve been reminiscing about all of the amazing opportunities I’ve been given…

When people think of their bucket list, a lot of the time skydiving is the first thing people think of. I’ve been fortunate enough to scratch that off early in life.

Throwback to 2013, my 18th birthday present from my sister – skydiving?!?

Holy moly, what a present! If I wasn’t shitting myself before, I sure was now! Luckily she had also been given skydiving as a gift earlier the previous year, which meant we could go together! #sistergoals

We headed to Skydive the Beach at Wollongong, and I don’t think I was showing it, but I was scared. We got a safety briefing, and I remembering almost dying when the instructor said:

“Oh yeah, a little bit of rain and the parachute will stick together and not open properly.”

It was drizzling. I almost cried. He laughed and said he was joking. I was not convinced.


As the plane climbs higher and higher, it feels less and less real. I don’t know how to explain it to people that ask. When you’re jumping out of something so high, the ground is so far away that it doesn’t look real. And because it doesn’t look like you’re about to smash into the ground and become a pancake, it’s not scary. Weird, huh? Well, I didn’t think it was as scary as the anticipation of getting into the plane.

Jumping out (or being forced out) was cool – the view is ridiculously amazing! I did get a little motion sick after we landed and the adrenaline had worn off. And by a little, I mean I vomited about half an hour after leaving.

Anyone that is thinking of scratching skydiving off of their bucket list, my advice is DO IT! And prepare for the ultimate wedgie when the parachute deploys…


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