I’m terrified of open water and that’s why I’m scuba diving

Open water, the unknown, a deep abyss. I’m not exactly sure what I’m scared of, but I do know that I’m scared. Terrified infact. To the point that I don’t like swimming when I can’t see my feet. Is it an irrational fear? I’m not sure to be honest. I know it’s a common fear, so it can’t be too irrational…?

You know when you’re swimming and something touches your foot, and for about 5 seconds your heart is in your throat and you feel a wave of panic wash over you? That’s how I feel, but constantly in open water. I’ve been snorkelling before. That was fun. Until I swam to the edge of the reef. The water temperature changes from warm and pleasant to icy cold and the reef drops into darkness – into the unknown.

Terrifying from r/thalassophobia

I have Thalassophobia.

“Thalassophobia is an intense and persistent fear of the sea or of sea travel. Thalassophobia can include fear of being in large bodies of water, fear of the vast emptiness of the sea, of sea waves, and fear of distance from land.” Wikipedia

I follow so many ‘inspo influencers’ that talk about chasing your dreams and not letting fear get the best of you. Like Yes Theory, their main message is Seek Discomfort, and their belief is that you won’t achieve any personal growth from your comfort zone. I completely agree. I believe growth comes from being put into situations that make us feel uncomfortable. From behind my computer I’m like “hell yeah, I can do whatever tf I want! I’m invincible” But when it comes to putting something that makes me uncomfortable into practice, I freeze or retreat.

Fish Gather Around Pond to Look at GoPro from r/youseeingthisshit

Which is why I am making a promise to myself, and a promise to you that I will face my gut wrenching, heart stopping fear of open water, and go scuba diving. In January of 2019. Stay tuned for that blog and video.

Strongest possible warning before clicking! Are you ready? from r/thalassophobia

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