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Vivid Sydney 2018

Vivid 2018
Location Pin 2 Sydney

I swear every year I say to myself – “next year I’ll bring more clothes, because I’m cold.”.

You know what? I never learn. I never bring more clothes. So, once again I was cold and complaining of hunger. My complaints were met with my version of heaven; FOOD TRUCKS! Food trucks as far as the eye can see, dessert marquees lining the footpaths, fairy floss, donuts, gelato, cake, you name it! I was in fat Michaela’s candy land dreams! Greek Street HMU!


After eating my feelings, I have to admit, the instalments around Circular Quay were a little underwhelming in comparison to previous years. But the Botanical Gardens were alight with life, that was my favourite part! This also may have been attributed to the fact that by this stage, I was a few cocktails deep. But I wasn’t cold anymore – hello booze blanket!

I throughly enjoyed my night and the company! 10/10 will be doing it again next year, and probably will be cold again.


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