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We got locked out of the van

Travelling isn’t always what Instagram would have you believe. It’s not always perfect scenic landscapes, amazing looking food and luxurious looking hotel rooms.

This past month we’ve had an absolute blast which you would have seen if you follow us on YouTube, but what you wouldn’t have seen is us walking in the cold, wet night looking for someone to help us, or waiting for hours for roadside assist! 😂

Sometimes I think the stories where things go wrong are much more interesting and hilarious to tell.

So, let me backpedal to just over a week ago and tell you about one of the less desirable (but extremely funny) situations we managed to get ourselves in!

We were in Scotland, somewhere rural, south of Glasgow. It was cold, raining and about 11:30pm. We were pretty much ready to go to sleep, but I’m the type of person that needs to go to the toilet before I go to sleep, or I’ll just keep thinking about it and not be able to sleep.

So, the only logical thing to do was get out of the van and make Jaeden walk me the 10 metres in the dark to the toilet (by this time in our trip it had become a nightly occurrence). Jae was in a spot he could see the van, and waited for me outside.

We went back to the van and I tugged on the handle. Nothing. I tugged again…. Nothing.

I looked at Jaeden, and started to smile as I slowly realised what was happening. He thought I was joking and tugged the handle too, but nope – still locked.

I pat my pockets, no phone, no keys, just a torch that I’d taken to the toilet with me. Jaeden did the same, no phone, no keys, nothing.

I started to laugh, unfortunately Jaeden didn’t see the humour in the situation like I did.

We couldn’t call anyone, we were in the middle of nowhere, it was dark, cold, raining and all of the doors were still locked – haha oopsie.

Honestly, I genuinely have no idea how we locked ourselves out. Every other night we had done the same thing. When you manually unlock the door from the inside, it stays unlocked unless you lock it with the key again – or at least it should according to the manual.

After pulling all of the door handles a healthy number of times, we did all that we could do – started walking and prayed we could find someone not too far away that could help.

I started trying to remember how far away the last house was, I couldn’t remember. I started cracking jokes about sleeping outside, Jaeden didn’t think I was funny.

We walked about 1km and I saw a car parked with someone in it, illuminated by their phone. I started walking over and he put his window down. I explained the situation and thank god he was so nice and googled an after hours locksmith for us. He even drove back to our van so he could explain to the locksmith where we were parked.

After a 10 minute chat with us he went on his way and the locksmith arrived 20 minutes later.

He had his work cut out for him because we’d already put up all of the window shades to go to sleep, so he was essentially poking around in the dark to find the handle – haha sorry!

45 minutes later, following a rough estimate of where the handle was on the interior door, he managed to hook it and get it open!

By the time we got back into the van and into bed, it was about 1:30am – and luckily it was all covered by our van insurance.

I always laugh in situations like this, because they keep life exciting, build character and there’s always a lesson to be learned. Safe to say that we’ll take the key with us from now on, regardless of how we unlock the doors 😂

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