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Why I quit the best job in the world

I love my job. I literally could not have asked for a more fun, supportive and consistently stimulating environment. My bosses are amazing, and my coworkers are just the best. We are not only a team, it feels like a family. I love them and I love the work that I do. But, I quit. Resigned. Packed my bags to go.

Now, you might be confused. I guess I probably would be too if I were you. I had plenty of people tell me I was crazy, wondering why I would give up something that I love so much.

“Why are you quitting? What if you don’t find something else you love?”
“What if you miss it?”
“What if it’s the wrong decision?”

You know what all of these have in common? Fear. Fear of the unknown. But, I’ve come to realise I don’t want to live my life in fear. If I lived my life in fear of the unknown, I would have never had some of the best, most insane experiences of my life, like skydiving.

“What if your parachute doesn’t open?”
“What if your harness comes undone?”
“What if you plummet to your death, did you see that news article?”

But what if none of this happens? What if I miss out on some of the best experiences life has to offer, because I am afraid? It’s a natural human survival instinct to be afraid, but I will not let that fear control my life. Some of life’s best memories come from being pushed out of your comfort zone.

So, I quit the best job in the world to travel for 18 months.

Am I afraid? Petrified – but that’s what makes it so exciting.

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